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BRAND NEW PRODUCT! Integrous Quantum App


Introducing the Integrous Quantum App, a brand new way to deliver a powerful set of frequencies and information waves that have a direct effect on your everyday life.

$199 is good for a full 12 months - Yearly renewal is $149 

Once purchase is completed, you will receive an email from Integrous Wellness with full instructions for optimal use and explainer videos/studies.

What is the Integrous Quantum App?

The Integrous Quantum App is a revolutionary application designed to deliver a potent set of frequencies and information waves that directly impact everyday life. Utilizing proprietary technology, the app harmonizes Morphic Fields and Frequencies for a positive influence on various living systems.

What are Morphic Frequencies and why are they important?

Morphic Frequencies are natural frequencies found in living systems, believed to be susceptible to degradation or disruption due to surrounding electromagnetic frequencies and modern environmental conditions. The Integrous Quantum App aims to stimulate the natural restoration of these Morphic Frequencies in substances such as water, plants, animals, and the human body.

How do the functions work?

Every field of energy contains information. Usually, this information is expressed as frequency. In reality there are a variety of information signals that can be carried by waves of energy. What we have done is combine a variety of frequencies and information patterns into each function to create a positive effect on their targets. The functions are able to transmit their information patterns to you through the process of resonance. Think of a pair of tuning forks. When one fork is struck, another fork at the same frequency nearby will begin to vibrate. A similar effect happens when you apply the App to your beverages or foods or directly to you. The energy field structures will begin to vibrate in unison with the function being played by the App. The result is an energy and information transfer.

What is the human Biofield system?

The human body is comprised of a number of energy systems that are interrelated within the body. Beverly Rubik, PhD working with the NIH defined the Biofield and this definition is now accepted within the NIH framework. It is now accepted that the human body has an energy system, just as the various traditional medical approaches have always suggested. Acupuncture, acupressure, and other various forms of energetic healing and movement therapies all work in conjunction with the Biofield.

The Biofield is a combination of all the fields of energy that are generated by the body. These include all the organs, especially the heart and brain. Both the heart and the brain are regularly measured by EEG and EKG devices used by the conventional medical establishment.